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A Word from Sandy and Mary

From our founding in 1955 (incorporated 1995) through today, Roeming has thrilled customers worldwide with its unfailing ability to find industrial solutions to challenging and peculiar problems.

What other company boasts custom gasket cutting along with rubber to metal bonding?

What other industrial operation can tackle Kevlar sewing while fulfilling a packing order?

Who can supply Fiberglass cloth capable of withstanding 2000° heat and fulfill the order on a hard-to-find pneumatic seal?

Only one company: Roeming Industries, that's who.

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Sandy Roeming Schumaker   Mary Roeming Robertson
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Roeming Industries Asks...

  • Are you looking for an alternative production method?
  • Do you desire an American production facility?
  • Might "old fashioned" be better than "new fangled"?
  • Do you need a business partner who speaks the language of widgets and whatcha-ma-call-its?
  • Are you ready for customer service that really respects your process and your people?
  • Ready to be impressed?
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