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Cloth and tape for heat sensitive applications

Roeming Industries handles many ranges of industrial Fiberglass cloth.

With the capability to withstand temperatures from 1,000 to 2,000 degrees, these treated cloths can be made into blankets, insulating pads, or can be sold in 50-100 yard rolls. The tapes fit the same temperature ranges and come in various widths from 1" up to 10" - 12" wide. These tapes are used to wrap around pipes for insulating or sewn together for thick sealing gaskets.

We carry a full line of high temperature materials for a variety of applications. From Fiberglass to Ceramic and silicone-coated fiberglass, we can supply raw material or cut and sew parts to your specifications.

Hot wrap insulated applications

High temperature tape

High-Temp Tape

Looking for a woven fiberglass or Kevlar cloth or tape? You've found the right source!

Roeming sells by the roll or in tape form, or if you need something sewn from these items, we can do that, too! We've made welding blankets, heater bags for the pipeline industry, seals for industrial dryers and tadpole tape.

Roeming Industries
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