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Industrial Solutions - No More Broken Porcelain

Case Study No.1: No more broken porcelain!

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Case Study No.2: Anchors away!

A local, large manufacturer of specialty industrial lighting came to us to design a unique gasket to make an air and water tight seal on lighting fixtures for the U.S. Navy. We researched the many options of gasketing material available and found something to meet their need. As you might expect, solving matters that involve the U.S. Armed Services makes us very proud, indeed.

Case Study No.3: Let us take a look at what you currently are using...

A worldwide manufacturer of engineered components came to us because they were unhappy with the leadtime of a molded part they were purchasing. We were able to reverse engineer the part that drastically reduced their leadtime. In the process, we were also able to decrease their cost which has made them a devoted customer, as we continue to save them time and money.

Case Study No.4: The Catalog Conundrum!

Did you ever wonder where the products come from in catalogs?  One of our customers supplies a wide variety of items to the agricultural field and have many sewn items in their catalogs.  They sell cow hobbles, sheep blankets, exhibitor harnesses and cow cuff links, among other things.  Guess what...we sew those for them!  They know we will meet their delivery needs and price points.

Bold Moves - No More Broken Porcelain at Kohler


No more broken porcelain!

A large international plumbing manufacturer came to us with a problem they were having transporting product around their factory. We were able to solve the problem by bonding large sheets of metal to rubber and using them as floor tiles. Over the years, they have completely re-covered the problem area with these tiles which has saved them considerable flooring replacement costs. Porcelein fixtures are no longer falling off transport carts because their ride is smooth.  Other solutions they were considering would have cost them valuable shut-down time.

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